August 22, 2012

School Time ...

WOW … Summer Vacation flew by!  I guess that is what happens when you’re having fun.  Yesterday was Justin’s 1st day of 4th Grade.  105 lbs and 5 feet tall … he’s the biggest 4th grader at school!  

It was a lot easier to watch Justin start 4th grade yesterday … today Makenna started Kindergarten.  Bauder does a staggered start so that the Kindergarteners are not overwhelmed the 1st day of school.  Makenna was so EXCITED … daddy was PROUD and mommy was SAD.  I’m excited for her and all the fun experiences that lie ahead of her from making new friends to learning to read.  I’m just having a hard time letting go … as I sit here in a quiet house waiting for the bus to bring my babies back home. 

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