February 23, 2009

the Bahs and Cheeps …

~ Farmer Makenna ~

It’s ideal when we don’t have to take the kids far to see baby animals. Keep in mind we live next door to my dad’s farm. Lucky for us dad just got in some new baby chicks and the neighbors to the west of dad’s farm just had 2 baby lambs. Today Makenna and I went over to see what she calls … the “bahs” and “cheeps”.

~ Makenna with the "bahs" ... one of the lambs is on top of the mound ~

~ Looking at the "cheeps" ~

February 20, 2009

Strike a Pose …

It’s been over a year since we have been able to get Makenna’s pictures taken at the studio. We had a few failed attempts … once Makenna was more interested in the drinking fountain in the lobby than she was in posing for a photo … we ended up leaving empty handed. Next attempt … the photographer must have been in training … for lack of better words … he sucked and did not have a clue how to work with kids ... once again we left empty handed. More recently we had a streak of mishaps. Scratch on the face, a cold complete with a runny nose and a black eye from running into the corner of the table caused me to cancel our appointment 3 different times.
Today everything came together and we got it done!!! I went with every intensions of only buying the advertised $9.99 package. Makenna was an angel and posed for every shot they asked her to do. With 71 shots to choose from … this sucker mom wasn’t able to choose just 1 pose or 2 poses or 3 poses … ugh I was able to narrow it down to just 9 poses. Needless to say I should never show up to a photo studio with a budget in mind!

February 8, 2009

Big Trucks … Big Balls…

Last night Justin, Dwight, Grandpa Bruce and I went to the Monster Truck and Arena Cross Racing Show at the Budweiser Center. Big Balls is what it takes to do that. Thank goodness my son is a wimp. Justin does not have the “NO Fear” adrenalin rush Dwight has and for that I AM BLESSED.

The trucks are HUGE and FLY HIGH. They don’t look so big until you are standing next to them… or in Justin’s case 4 feet tall and standing completely UNDER them. We bought upgraded tickets … center section ~ row 9 ~ with preshow pit party pass … only the best for Justin when it comes to inhalation of dirt and gasoline fumes!

The preshow pit party turned out to be super exciting for Justin. Lots of photos … autographs from the drivers and a chance to get ON and UNDER the trucks. Justin’s entire body fit inside the wheel base … they call them MONSTER TRUCKS for a reason!

~ Justin with the Driver of BIGFOOT ~

~ Inside a Tire ~

~ Standing Under the Truck ~

Surviving 3 full hours of loud rumble, arena shaking, exhaust tasting madness wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Along with the side by side Monster Truck Races, Big Wheelie Competition and Car Smashing Mania they added in some Arena Cross Quad and Motorcycle Racing. This turned out to be local kids and teenagers who apparently do this as a sport. Some of them were amazingly good. Requirements for competing fell somewhere down the lines of … love dirt, no fear, parents with deep pockets and at least 5 years old. Pretty amazing watching a just turned 5 yr old jump mounds of dirt with a 2 wheel motorized bike and WIN the race. Justin could barely ride a bike at the age of 5 much less balance on a 2 wheel motorized cycle running a throttle and brake while flying over dirt.

~ 5 Year Old Motorcycle Racing ~

Once again … Dear Lord thank you for giving me a son with a sense of fear … my stomach barely survived sitting in the stands watching these boys and girls race … I would have never survived standing in the middle of the arena watching my son or daughter race.
Yes I did say both boys and girls … frightfully Makenna has “NO FEAR” … and for that I worry!

February 2, 2009

3 day Celebration …

Justin turned 6 on January 29th. This year he decided to have a Monster Truck theme. True to OUR tradition we successfully celebrated his birthday for 3 days with 3 parties. Dwight hates that I am the master at planning events and can make a holiday last for days. I must admit when it comes to parties I tend to place everything else on hold … but I LOVE planning parties.

On Thursday the 29th we had a family party and celebrated with Cake and Ice Cream at our house. Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins all came over to celebrate with us.

On Friday the 30th Justin celebrated his birthday at school with his classmates. He took a special treat, drinks and had the chance to wear the birthday crown.

On Saturday the 31st we had the Monster Truck Event of the year. Justin has been talking about his party for months. We spent the morning at Chuck E Cheese celebrating his birthday with 9 friends. All of the kids had a blast and Justin was thrilled to have them at his party.

We are all happy … except for Justin that the parties are over … now I can move on to working on Valentine’s Day cards:)

February 1, 2009

Wishes 2 Heaven …

~ October 2nd, 1999 ~

Today would have been mom’s 67th birthday. Oh how I wish she was here to celebrate it with us. Instead she will be sharing her birthday with angels and we will be sending our birthday wishes to heaven.

I’m not sure a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of mom. Holidays, special events and certain places can really make my heart ache. Today my heart has felt heavy … heavy from my constant aching to give my mom birthday hugs and from a take me back moment I had with Justin yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I sat down at the computer to look over pictures for today’s post … Justin came and sat down next to me. I didn’t think much of it and continued to look over photos. After a few minutes Justin tapped me on the shoulder … I looked over at him and he had tears streaming down his face.

Me – “Honey what’s wrong”?
He reached his arms out to me and gave me a great big hug.
Justin – “I just miss Grandma H so much”.

My heartache began as we both cried.
No mother ever wants to see her son cry ... it sure does make it a moment to remember when you have to look at your son and say …

Me – “You miss Grandma H. a lot don’t you”?
Justin – “Yeah
Me – “I know for certain Grandma misses you just as much

~ The last birthday we were blessed to share with mom ... her 64th birthday in 2006 ... 5 weeks after starting Chemo ... this was the 1st time mom wore her wig out in public ... as a family we took mom to The Olive Garden (one of her favorite restaurants) to celebrate her birthday ~
~ I absolutely love this picture… everyone is posing for the photo … oh wait mom and I are laughing! ~

~ Mom with her precious babies ... Justin and Taylor (my niece) ... Easter 04' ~

My mom died fearless. Mom’s faith was stronger than her cancer. Mom never feared death. Missing out on watching her Grandkids grow is what she feared. She told me about a week before she died… “I hope they don’t forget me

Justin was only 3 ½ when mom died. 3 short years of being loved, spoiled and impacted with memories from a beautiful caring Grandma. … lucky for mom … Grandma’s as great as she was … are just not forgettable.

Happy Birthday Mom … I love you … I miss you … XOXOXO