October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat Tradition ...

This year we messed with tradition and ditched the annual Halloween Party simply because we were all way too busy to get everything organized.  Thank goodness we made that wise decision.  Things really have been crazy around here!!  But some traditions you just don’t mess with and that is TREATSYLVANIA.

Our Treatsylvania tradition started 7 years ago when Justin was ONE!!  It’s been our annual event that we share with Josh and Julie Bigge ever since.

~ October 2004 ... Our 1st Treatsylvania ~ 
Jackson Bigge, Brittany Bigge, Cooper Bigge, Justin in the Monkey Costume 

~ Justin and Jackson ... Age One ... 2004 ~ 

~ 7 years later ... Jackson (Luigi) and Justin (Tim Tebow)  ~ 

Treatsylvania is a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween with little kids.  The event is held at Lee Martinez Farm … a petting zoo type farm that is owned and operated by the City of Fort Collins.  Little door front booths that are sponsored by local business are set up along the path at the farm and the kids get to go from door to door trick or treating.

A hayride, lots of pictures and a cookie treat from the barn at the end has always made the event a huge success with the kids.  Over the years we have experienced some super cold Treatsylvania’s but this year the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

 ~ Makenna (Skunk) and Justin (Tim Tebow) ~
~ The Gang ~
Justin, Makenna, Grason Hodges (Giraffe), Colton Hodges (Star Wars), Jackson and Carli Bigge (Chicken)

Since this year was Justin and Jackson’s 7th Treatsylvania Trick or Treating adventure they were old pro’s and looked SO BIG!!  It only took a few doors and Makenna and Carli were racing from door to door. 

~ Lil' Stinker ... that is what the heart says on the back of her costume ~

~ Elmo in his soccer outfit ... you didn't think Makenna would leave Elmo at home did you? ~

Only 2 more Halloween Events for us and we will be ready to pack the costume box up.

October 23, 2010

Forty-two ...

On Monday the 18th we celebrated Dwight's 42nd Birthday.  While Justin was at school Makenna and I baked Daddy a carrot cake and invited Bruce, Sharon and Grandma Faye over to surprise daddy.

~ Little Miss Betty Crocker ~

~ Daddy and his birthday cake ... we didn't have a "4" candle so Makenna insisted on using the Scooby Doo candle as the "4" ~

~ Finally it was time to open packages ~

~ The birthday boy with his parents, grandma and little pumpkin ~

October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' ...

On Saturday Justin, Makenna and I spent the afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch with:
my sister in law Nadene, her husband Bill
my nephew Colby
my niece Amanda, her boyfriend Dave and her 2 kiddos Madalee and Memphis

We went to Tigges a farm east of town for some pumpkin pickin’ and then ended our afternoon at Cozy Cow Dairy with some fresh from the farm Ice Cream!!
~ Madalee happy to be at the Pumpkin Patch ~

 ~ Justin lovin' on Memphis ~

~ Madalee wanted to pull Justin in the Wagon ... Good thing Dave was pushing cause Justin is HEAVY ~
 ~ Madalee and Makenna found some Pumpkins ~

~ Justin with his "Perfect" Pumpkin ~

 ~ The two Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch ~
~ All the kids loved the wagons ... even the big kids ... Amanda and Justin gave Colby a workout! ~

~ Colby and Justin seeing who could lift the biggest pumpkin ... Looks like Colby won :) ~

~ Makenna, Madalee, Memphis & Me ~
~ All the Little Ones Looking for some Farm Fresh Eggs ~

October 8, 2010

Fall Festival at Harvest Farms ...

Last Sunday our family helped Grason Hodges celebrate his 4th birthday at Harvest Farms. Harvest Farms is a 209 acre working farm in Wellington so there was plenty to do. All the kids went wild, running from one activity to another. It was 2 hours of go…go…go!! With so much to do:

**Hay Bale Maze with Jump Mat … a huge favorite with all of the kids!

Colton and Justin on Top of the Hay Maze ... Justin Jumping Bales!

**10 Acre Corn Maze … Justin was excited because the maze design was cut in the shape of Denver Broncos Champ Bailey. Even Makenna was a trooper about walking the entire maze.

Mommy and Makenna in the Middle of the Corn Maze

**Barrel Ride ... Mommy got talked into riding this. It was a ROUGH and dusty ride!

**Tricycle Hay Bale Track … Makenna made a few laps around the track!

**Playground … the best part was the “corn boxes”! Sandboxes filled with corn kernels.


**Pig Races … we all witnessed “Hama Montana” beat “Lady Hoga”.

**The Petting Zoo … included a super cute miniature town called “Bunnington” for 20+ rabbits. I’m pretty sure if my mom had seen this she would have ditched the rabbit cages for her very own miniature bunny town.

**Pumpkin Smash … you guessed it!  This was a “smashing” hit for Justin. 


**Replica Steer Roping … Kevin gave Justin and Presley a little steer roping lesson.

**Hay Ride … complete with a tour around the farm. And the wagon was big enough for all of us to enjoy this together!

Hug for the Birthday Boy Grason!

Colton, Grason, Makenna and Justin sitting in the 9 Foot Tall Rocking Chair