May 29, 2009

Come and Gone ...

The school year has come and gone. Justin has officially graduated from Kindergarten. He will be quick to tell you he is now a 1st Grader! What an amazing year he has had. We were so blessed that he had a WONDERFUL teacher … Mrs. Palic. Academically Justin grew so much this year. His writing is fabulous and he is starting to read. We are so proud of him!

~ Last Day of School ~

~ Most of Justin's Kindergarten Class ... They only had 12 kids ~

May 24, 2009

School Dayz ...

Hard to believe but Justin is almost done with Kindergarten. To celebrate the end of the year the Kindergarten classes took a field trip to Lee Martinez Farm. Mom wasn’t about to miss his first trip on the big yellow bus so I volunteered to go with his class. Justin was a little nervous on the bus. He was a little freaked out that there was no seatbelts and was quick to ask “why there was an emergency exit”.

It was great day. It was fun to spend the day with Justin and all his school friends. We were both exhausted from a day on the farm, picnic lunch and playing at the park.

~ Walking from the bus to the farm ~

~ Justin and his good buddy Elijah ready for a hay ride ~

May 15, 2009

Clowning Around ...

Dwight and I took Justin to the circus last night at the Budweiser center. We decided not to take Makenna … she is so active right now that 2 hours of sitting in a chair would most likely be pure torture to her and us both … so Makenna had a special night with Grandma Sharon.

Justin enjoyed the circus and our special night out. Of course they have it set up to suck the money out of you the second you walk through the doors. The place was covered with people selling light up toys, shirts, stuffed animals, colorful snow cones etc. We limited Justin to “One Treat” … he decided on a bag of $10.00 Cotton Candy. Even though it was his special night he still was thinking about his sister. He ate all the cotton candy except for a handful and that “he saved for Makenna”.

May 12, 2009

What I do have ...

I never know how to feel on Mother’s Day. A huge part of me feels orphaned accompanied with an aching desire to spend the day feeling sad for what I don’t have … yet my own children make me realize how thankful I am for what I do have.

Six years ago I gave up sleeping in late, eating dinner without interruptions, showering alone and a toy free living room … but I what I received in trade is priceless. Makenna and Justin are my world. They make me smile everyday, they make me laugh everyday, they make me feel special everyday … not just on Mother’s Day … I am so blessed for what I do have.

~ Justin and I .... Mother's Day ~

~ Makenna and I ... Mother's Day ~