August 25, 2008

Horsin' Around

Literally we spent the weekend horsing around at Colby Van Cleave’s Ranch in New Ramer Colorado. We had a great weekend. Justin was beside himself with plenty to keep a little boy busy. The 4 of us drove out Friday afternoon with JC, Jen, Sydni, Brody and Baby Grace Van Cleave. We weren’t even in the house for 5 minutes and the boys had found the play guns. Justin was in heaven!!! He is fascinated with guns but since mom is not a big weapon fan we don’t have them at our house unless they are squirt guns. Needless to say Justin was thrilled to have them to play with while we were at the Ranch.

Country life started out early Saturday morning with the kids feeding the horses and cats with their PJ’s on. After breakfast Grandpa Colby saddled up the horses and the kids spend the morning riding around the pasture. Even Jen, Dwight and I rode for a while.

The rest of the weekend was spent riding the 4 wheeler, tractors, the John Deere Gator, bikes, racing the remote control cars and having fun on the ranch.

Both our kids were exhausted and slept the entire drive home. As we got ready to leave Colby told Justin he was “welcome anytime”. Justin’s is already talking about his “next trip to the ranch”.

~ Makenna and Brody helping feed the horses ... yes they are still in their PJ's ~

~ Justin ready to ride ~

~ Makenna on her very 1st horse ride ~

~ Life on the Ranch ... no worries ... just ridin' to be done ~

~ Justin lovin' being a Cowboy ~

~ Makenna ... all she is missing is her hat and boots ~

~ 4 wheelin' ... Justin and Daddy ~

~ Colby and Justin out riding on the big tractor ~

August 20, 2008

1st Day of School...

Well I did it!! I let my little man walk into school and start Kindergarten all by himself. I cried … Justin was brave…Dwight took pictures and Makenna climbed all over everything! Hard to imagine he is officially a “Kindergartener”. Justin goes to school from 8:25am – 11:10am so it will be a big adjustment getting up, ready and out the door that early. Good thing we are only a few minutes from school.

… Justin had a wonderful 1st day. He made some new friends and says his teacher is “really nice”. I hope he comes home everyday with a smile on his face.

~ Justin in his classroom ~

~ Justin waiting outside for the bell to ring with his teacher Mrs. Palic (holding the sign) ~

~ Justin waving to Mom and Dad as he walks into school for his very 1st Day ~

August 19, 2008

Ready 4 School ...

Hard to believe my little boy is starting Kindergarten. I’m sure this transition will be harder on me than it is on him. We went yesterday to meet his teacher Mrs. Palic. Justin picked out his seat at a table and put all his school supplies away in his cubby. Justin was not feeling well. He had a touch of the flu yesterday but was a real trooper and wanted to see his classroom and meet his teacher before school officially starts for him on Wednesday August 20th. The rest of the school starts on August 19th, but in hopes of a smoother start the Kinders start one day later.

August 14, 2008

lOOk who's 2

Our Great Niece Madalee turned 2 years old on August 12. Oh how these babies are growing up way too fast!! Last Saturday we helped her celebrate with a little backyard pool party. I just got a chance to download the pictures and wanted to share a few of them.

~ Makenna and Madalee playing in the pool ~

~ Justin had a blast on the Nemo Slip and Slide ~

~ Makenna enjoying a sucker ~

~ Justin taking a break from the fun ~

August 13, 2008


Justin and Makenna had their well checks today at the doctor. Justin had his 5 year check up and Makenna had her 18 month check up… Ok so I am just a few months behind. I actually have been procrastinating because I knew they would both be getting shots and I could only imagine how horrible it would be. ---- I can remember hiding under the table at the doctor’s office trying to avoid getting shots. We called the nurse “the mean shot lady” and I certainly didn’t want my kids to have an experience anything like this.

As I drove them to the doctors this morning I had a stomach ache worrying about what I was about to put my kids through. Obviously I didn’t share the great news with Justin that this doctor visit actually would include 4 SHOTS and a prick to the finger. I figured since Dr. Simmons does this daily he would have the right words to break the news to him.

Well I worked myself up for NOTHING!!!

Justin was up 1st … he had 4 SHOTS a prick to the finger and NEVER CRIED a tear. Makenna eagerly climbed up on the table laid down and was ready for her 2 SHOTS… NO TEARS either.

I was completely SHOCKED!!

Well not only are my kids BRAVE they are BIG as well.

Justin is off the charts with both HEIGHT and WEIGHT!
60 lbs
49” Tall

He is the average height of a 8 year old and the average weight of a 7 year old!!

Makenna is average height and WELL Nourished
28 lbs … 85%
32” Tall …. 50%
19” Head … 80%

August 5, 2008

HOT HOT HOT ... Summer Vacation?!?

We just returned from our annual vacation to the Steam Engine/Tractor show in Bird City, Kansas. I’m pretty sure the only one that considered it a “true vacation” is Justin. . Justin was so exhausted each night there was nothing stopping him from getting a full night of sleep. Makenna on the other hand did NOT like the porta-crib and made sure Dwight and I knew about it. Lack of sleep, 3 full days spent outside in the hot 100+ degree temperatures and a busy toddler with not much to do about “did me in”.

Regardless of my complaints it is always nice to see my extended family and spent time with my Grammie. I took a ton of photos ... here are a few of my favorites!

~ My Little Boy .... Justin is growing up so fast ~

~ Makenna in her new Polka-Dot Tractor Outfit ~

~ Makenna playing in the tub of corn ... She loved this ... it was a great place to keep her contained and happy~

~ Justin driving the Little Engine ... he was sure if he wore his overalls like Grandpa he would be able to drive the engine... I guess it worked! ~

~ Me and Makenna riding on the Big Engine with Aunt Sheri ... Sheri was an absolute blessing ... she drove us every where and helped out with the kids ... a ton of fun and help!! ~

~ My FAVORITE photo ... Dwight, Justin and Makenna pulling on the rope while they tugged with the Little Engine ... Justin's face is priceless! ~

~ Full View of the Tug a War ~

~ Makenna enjoying time with Grammie Wamhoff ~