October 29, 2009

Harvest Festival ...

When it rains is pours … I rupture my Achilles Tendon, Dwight drops the laptop and kills the mother board, the digital camera stops working ALL in the same week. Well we finally got our new computer so I am now able to upload pictures … except there is NO photo editing software on the new computer and nothing we own is compatible with Windows 7...UGH!! So no editing for right now which is what I LOVE best about digital pictures. To top it off I am using our old camera while the other is being repaired so some of these photos are not stealer. (helps if I wipe the finger prints off of the lens… oops) As a result my blog is so far behind but I am going to attempt to catch it up over the next week.

~ Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf ~

On October 16th I took the kids to a Harvest Festival at First Presbyterian Church. My sister-in-law Nadene, my niece Amanda and her 2 kids joined us. It was a fun hour of little events for the kids. They got to wear their costumes which was a highlight for all of them.

~ My great nephew Memphis the lion and great niece Madalee as Dorothy ~

~ Madalee and Makenna watching Justin fish for a prize ~

~ The costume Parade ... finally wiped the finger prints off of the lens :) ~

October 22, 2009

Kitty went to Heaven ...

We made the agonizing decision to have our cat “Pussin” put to sleep this morning. It’s been a long time coming … poor kitty was just getting too old and her system was shutting down. Despite the pooping, peeing and puking on the floor it still was an incredible emotional and heartbreaking decision.

Dwight’s had “baby Pussin” for a very long time 18+ years. She really was a wonderful loving and pretty cat. She loved Dwight and grew to love me. Baby Pussin we are going to miss you!

October 17, 2009

1st Grade Photo ...

1st Grade
Moore Elementary School

October 15, 2009

C is for Cookies ...

Justin had a fall break from school … no school Thursday and Friday for Teacher Conferences and In-service Day … so we decide to make our annual Halloween Cookies. Alisha and Cooper Bigge joined us for a morning full of fun.

This is the 1st time Makenna has helped out. She made her very own batch because I am positive there was a lot more taste testing … licking the spoons and even Elmo had his fur in her ball of dough at one point. She really was proud to have her own bowl of cookies!

October 10, 2009

Big Blue ...

I’m not even sure where to begin. It has a very long week for me. A week ago today I hurt my ankle. I wish I had a great story to go with it but for the most part it was all together STUPID!!

If you have been to our house you will understand how our property is set up. We have a street behind us that dead end right in front of our gate and a main road (Elizabeth Street) in front of our house. We often have middle of the night visitors that are too lazy to walk around the block and attempt to make a short cut thru our property. Well last Saturday night we had some visitors. You know it is brainless punk kids when they walk right past the house talking and carrying on. Little did they know the sign on the gate … “Beware of the Dog” … meant “the dog” that lives in the house and pays the mortgage!!!

All I remember is hearing voices and waking up to see Dwight dashing out of the bedroom. I instantly jumped up and was right behind him. Dwight wearing boxers, t-shirt and no shoes … flung open the front door and took off across the lawn. I on the other hand hit the 1st step and knew immediately I was wounded. What makes the story so stupid is I by no means was attempting to chase anyone down except Dwight. The only thing running through my head at the time was if he catches someone he’s going to hurt them. Dwight gave them a scare by chasing them all the way to the street but came back to find me hobbling into the house.

I never suspected my ankle was broken … I had too much mobility in it, was able to walk on it and the swelling was really minimal. After getting onto the internet I knew right away that it was my Achilles tendon. Dwight was convinced I was a wimp and it would all magically heal on its own. All I saw was dollar signs and a huge bill so I hobbled around for 5 days, had little sleep and worried myself sick that I would never walk “normal” again. Finally I decided that I needed a professional diagnosis. Honestly by the time I made my appointment I was a complete MESS!! Sleep deprived and full of fear Satan had really got a hold on me.

Wednesday morning was the moment of truth. Dr’s diagnosis … I have a Partial Achilles Rupture. The good news is it should completely heal. The bad news is … it’s not quick. 6 – 9 weeks in hard casts and then 4 – 6 weeks in a walking cast.

Makenna picked out the color of my cast … “Boo” aka blue … 3 weeks with big blue and then they will reposition my foot and recast again.

October 1, 2009

Shindig in the Shop ...

Yep it's that time of the year again. Dwight will be giving the shop a good cleaning out so we can have our annual party in the shop. It seems like every year the party crowd gets bigger and better. I am so happy that DJ Steve is back again to keep the party hoppin’!! Good music, great friends and a nice cold drink … doesn’t get much better than that!! It's taken me a year to recover from last years but I am more than ready for another wild night!!