May 30, 2010

Soar like an Eagle ...

Summer vacation began for Justin at 11:30 am Wednesday. Not only was it his last day of 1st grade it was his last day at Moore Elementary. After 53 years the school is closing. Next year he will be starting 2nd grade at Bauder Elementary.

It was a tearful day for me. It was hard to watch Justin walk out of the front doors of Moore for the very last time. Thankfully the entire Moore staff will be moving to Bauder with the exception of the Principal Amy Smith. I am just heart broken over the lose of Amy as our Principal. She is beyond amazing. I’ve been around educators my entire life and Amy without a doubt is one of those people you want influencing and guiding your child’s education. She sacrificed her own job to allow Moore to transition to Bauder as a whole and because of that Justin will continue to go to school with his “Moore Friends”.

~ Justin and his friends playing games on the last day of school ~

~ Justin with his Summer Reading Book he earned ... his end of the year present from his teacher ~

The story behind the closing of Moore needs a blog entry of its own in which I have NO desire to write about. Just leave it at ... it's complicated but needed. This past year I have been a part of Moore PTO and have had the opportunity to work 1st hand with some incredible people. Moore’s transition to Bauder is something I fully support given ALL the details … I’m just sad that our children’s education can and will be so greatly affected by astonishing budget cuts that our district has and will continue to face.

On a good note because of the move Moore was released for summer vacation a day earlier than the rest of the district. There was a colorful send off with a rainbow of balloons as students said their final farewell to Moore. Attached to each balloon was a special note from Principal Amy Smith …

Throughout the years, I have watched you learn, laugh, create, play, sing, dance, make new friends and grow strong in many ways. May you have a smile on your face whenever you think of me. My wish for you is to always “soar like an Eagle!”

~ The main entrance waiting for students to leave the building ~

~ A tearful goodbye with Justin's amazing teacher Mrs. Burke ~

~ Justin with Principal Amy Smith ~

May 25, 2010

Bursting with Pride ...

How did I get so blessed to have an amazing son? Since he was born Justin has had a “huge caring heart” a great disposition and has always been an incredible son. Not only is he proving to be a great athlete he is an outstanding student at school.
We always tell him ... Attitude and effort = Achievement

Today they had an Awards Ceremony at school and Justin did us proud. He received the highest honor a 1st grader could receive.

Outstanding Character Award … an award for showing outstanding character throughout the year! – Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Citizenship

He also received an award for Excellent Attendance … Justin was present for ALL school days this year except for the ONE day I made him stay home cause he had a tummy ache. He begged to go but that day but I thought he would be uncomfortable at school. UGH … who would have thought that ONE day would be his only day he missed this year and eliminated him from the LIMO ride for the few kids that did have perfect attendance. What a blessing it is to have a child who loves school and WANTS to go to school everyday!

~ Justin with his medals ... he even shared one with Makenna ~

I’m super proud of his awards but my bursting with pride moment came when I opened his report card tonight! Since Kindergarten Justin has struggled with Reading and has excelled in Math. At the beginning of the year he tested below grade average and was assigned to a small reading group. This past year Justin has worked really hard and spent extra time practicing his reading at home. His dedication and determination has paid off. 2 weeks ago Justin tested at a 2nd Grade Reading level.

His report card has the proof … 4th Quarter Reading = Grade Level!

May 10, 2010

Field Trip Fun...

On May 4th Justin’s 1st grade class finished up a unit on “habitats” with a field trip to The Denver Zoo.
Dwight and I decided to sacrifice our day and volunteered to ride the big yellow bus with 40 first graders to share this adventure with them.
It turned out to be a wonderful sunny day. Dwight and I were “in charge” of 3 kids … Justin, his best friend Chris and Malek an exchange student from Libya.
Justin and Chris were great all day … but … let’s just say Dwight gave Malek a dose of “Mr. Michael’s Boot Camp” and rewarded him for a job well done with an ice cream cone at the end of the day.

~ Justin with his Best Friend Chris ~

~ The 3 Stooges ... Malek, Justin and Chris ~

~ The boys enjoying the Ice Cream Reward ~

It wasn’t until Malek was half way done with his ice cream that he informed us that he had NEVER had ice cream. Seriously I’m not sure the kid had ever had sugar … you would have thought his ice cream was made out of Red Bulls!! :) !!
Dwight and I both agreed next time we will follow the bus! The bus ride home was a long one!

May 9, 2010

A Little Trim ...

I love Makenna’s long hair and so does Makenna. But … her long hair does not love me. It really is a lot of work to take care. Combing out the tangles is a daily challenge. I finally convinced Makenna it was time for a little trim. We cut off 6 inches and it is still LONG but a little bit more manageable.

~ Ready for a trim ~

~ What we left behind ~

~ All done but not ready to get out of the fire truck ~

May 6, 2010

Painting Pots ...

Last Sunday the kids and I spent the afternoon painting pots. They each painted a pot for their teacher, one for Bobbye and one for Grandma Sharon. What a fun and super cheap project. We bought the pots at Walmart for $1.00 and used acrylic paints.

~ Both of them were so careful when painting their pots ~

~ Justin painting his teacher pot ... he decided to paint it like a flag ~

~ Makenna painting her teacher pot all the colors in the rainbow ~

~ They turned out so cute that I think we will have to have another painting pot afternoon and make some for the front porch ~

~ Justin's teacher pot for "Teacher Appreciation Day" ... Justin did all the painting I helped him add "Star" stickers and wording that says "inspire" ... then we packed if full of a bunch of gardening stuff, tile desk plate, gift card and a sign that said "Thanks for helping me GROW!" ~

~ Justin ready for school with his teacher's pot ... Justin really does have a FABULOUS teacher ... we have really been blessed!! ~