February 22, 2018

Climb like a girl ...

At Space Camp last summer, Makenna tried Rock Climbing and fell in love!  It’s the perfect sport for her.  She is dedicated, she is fearless, she is strong! 

She has been bugging us for months to take her climbing.  She didn’t fully understand that it’s a little more complicated than just heading to the gym for some climbing.  We wanted her to learn to do it correctly and safely. 
So for Christmas one of her presents was a Climbing Harness and a 6 week Climbing Class at Ascent Studio.  

For the past 6 weeks, Makenna has been a gym rat on Tuesday evenings.  Climbing class has been fun, educational and inspirational.  She learned how to rope climb, boulder, belay, climbing holds, how to tie a figure 8 knot, made new friends and managed to leave the gym each night covered in chalk. 

Ascent Studio an amazing climbing gym here in Fort Collins.   

 Top Roping ... #nofear

 Bouldering ... #nevergiveup

I absolutely love her strength!  Climb like a girl sissy!  
She will be back for more classes but first we have to pause for Soccer Season!!

June 12, 2015

Fairy Garden

After seeing several fairy gardens on Pinterest and Facebook Makenna and I decided to do our own.  The supplies were not easy to find.  Not sure if we started too late in the season but it took us several weeks and multiple shopping trips to gather all the supplies.  
Once we had all our supplies together we let the creativity flow!

The final project turned out pretty darn cute!

June 8, 2015

I'm Back

Yesterday Makenna and I spent some time reminiscing about her early years ... YES she's 8 and still thinks of when she was 2 as a "LONG TIME AGO".  For me I have an entire mix of feelings.  At times 6 years ago seems like just yesterday and others it seems like so long ago.  Life always seems to be in fast forward for us.  Between school, work and sports LIFE IS BEYOND BUSY!!  I love all of it, but need to step back and take time to focus on remembering the little things.

Makenna and I read each blog entry yesterday and I was flooded with memories and emotions.  At the end of it I knew one thing for sure.  I miss blogging and MUST make an effort to keep posting!

Someday I plan to get back to scrapbooking but for now I'm going to focus on blogging little moments in this adventure of life.  I learned several things yesterday while reminiscing.

- It's easy to remember the big picture but it's all the funny quotes and little sayings that are easily forgotten when they are not in writing.
- I'm a photographer!  I take pictures of everything and they are just stuck in files on our computer, on my phone or stored in my cloud.  I don't want to remember just the image I want to remember the details.  
- Aging sucks!  Yep it's true the older you get the harder it is to remember the little details!
- I want others to share our joy and see that yes our lives are beyond busy ... but this crazy busy life is full of FUN!

It's been too long.  I'm Back!!!

May 31, 2013

Another One Down …

Today was the last day of school.  I’m both exited and scared.  We have tons of fun planned for the summer … which excites me!!! On the other hand … I’m scared that August and Back to School time will be here sooner than we want.

 The kids and I made Summer Bucket List for their end of the year Teacher Gifts!

 Makenna's teacher has a One Year Old so we picked fun stuff for Mrs. Hersh and baby Addy to do!  Justin's teacher is single with grown kids but just got a new puppy.  We picked things for her to do outside with her new puppy and relaxing stuff!!  I LOVE them they turned out super cute.  We filled them with REI water bottles and gift cards to do the fun activities!

Best part of Kindergarten ... "Learning how to read and having lots of friends"!!
 Best part of 4th grade ... "Mid-evil project and lots of field trips"!
 Makenna with her super LOVING teacher Mrs. Hersh!
Justin with his FABULOUS teacher Ms. DeSalle

 When your kiddos go to school you want them to have the best!  Lucky Us!! We have been blessed to have WONDERFUL teachers!  

Now let the SUMMER FUN begin!!

September 15, 2012

Storm Soccer ...

Makenna played her first full season of soccer with Colorado Storm this fall and LOVED it!  She was a little fireball on the field.  She played in the developmental division were they played 3 vs. 3 on a modified field.  Great division for learning the fundamentals of the game.  I'm pretty sure she will be playing many more season!

~ Team Lightning Bolts ~
 ~ Listening to Coach Amy ~
 ~ Our Little Soccer Stud ~
 ~ Leading the Pack ~
 ~ Pure Excitement ~

Makenna must have some of Aunt Lori's Soccer Skills! ... and the best part of soccer watching her excitement after she scores a goal!!

August 24, 2012

95 Years Young ...

About 1 year ago my dad and his siblings moved my Grammie from her long time home in Bird City, Kansas to Loveland, Colorado.  It has been such a blessing getting to spend more time with her.  On August 21st she turned 95 our entire family celebrated with a party. 

After living alone for over 30 years it was clear that my Grandma loved all the attention.  We skipped all the candles, but still sang happy birthday and at the end the kids started singing, "are you one, are you two ... after 5 my niece Taylor chimed in and said “we better start counting my 10's”.

August 22, 2012

School Time ...

WOW … Summer Vacation flew by!  I guess that is what happens when you’re having fun.  Yesterday was Justin’s 1st day of 4th Grade.  105 lbs and 5 feet tall … he’s the biggest 4th grader at school!  

It was a lot easier to watch Justin start 4th grade yesterday … today Makenna started Kindergarten.  Bauder does a staggered start so that the Kindergarteners are not overwhelmed the 1st day of school.  Makenna was so EXCITED … daddy was PROUD and mommy was SAD.  I’m excited for her and all the fun experiences that lie ahead of her from making new friends to learning to read.  I’m just having a hard time letting go … as I sit here in a quiet house waiting for the bus to bring my babies back home. 

August 15, 2012

Mommy Vacation ...

For the past 3 years I have been on the steering committee for my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group! Even though I am officially no longer a Mother of a Preschooler … L can you believe my baby will be starting school this year … I will continue with our group since we added MOMSnext to our chapter!  One of the special treats for our hard work and dedication to our MOPS group is each year we get a chance to go to the International MOPS Convention.  This year it was in Dallas Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort!

Our steering team is small this year – Only 4 of us are committed to steering as of now so our ENTIRE STEERING team went!  Ashley, Emily, Aliy and I spent 4 fabulous kid-less days in Dallas.  

Our Steering Team ... Ashley, Aliy, Emily and me!

Our view from our room ... we didn't spend a lot of time sitting on the balcony cause it was crazy HOT outside but the view was fabulous!!

Hookem' Horns ... Aliy and I have fun shopping!

Our 3 days at convention consisted of 4 general sessions, several workshops, morning praise and worship, my favorite part Matthew West concert, shopping, eating, lounging around, and a high school flash back MOM Prom.  We did venture out of the resort for some shopping at a near by mall but other than that we took advantage of being pampered at the resort. 

Inside the Resort

Ready for MOM Prom ... minus our Prom dresses.

August 6, 2012

My Handle Bar ...

What happens when 15 adults pedal ONE bike around Old Town Fort Collins?  It’s becomes a 3 hour Bar Hop Bike Ride!  We decided to celebrate Anne’s 40th Birthday a little early this year!  She doesn’t actually turn 40 until December but if your gonna surprise a girl with a Handle Bar Party than your gotta do it a few months early.  Yes … she was SURPRISED and OH MY was it fun!

Anne Lance ... The Birthday Girl!
A Party On Wheels!
Pedal Power!

It was a whirlwind tour of several Breweries and Bars.   Our tour started at Pateros Creek Brewing Company where all 15 of us hoped on ONE bike that 10 people pedal at once!  1st stop Odell’s Brewing … then on to Fort Collins Brewing … next New Belgium Brewing ... then a stop over for shots and fufu cocktails at Luscious Nectar ... super quick stop for soaked cherries at The Town Pump (this was the quickest stop but am certain it was the deadliest stop … I’m still asking WTF were we thinking??!?!? Eating those cherries) … then onto our final destination … The Rio!

The Girls ...  Jen - Julie M. - Erica - Anne - Bonnie - Julie B.
Our Handle Bars!
The Boys ... Dave - Cris - Josh - JC and Dwight
Birthday Girl is about to get WILD!!