May 27, 2011

Schools Out ...

The kids and I made special end of the year Crayon Picture Letter for their teachers

Yeah … summer break has begun!!   The school year ended with mixed feelings for all of us but without a doubt we are all ready for a more relaxed schedule. A little pinch at my heart today with I realized Justin is half way done with Elementary School as he will be adventuring into the 3rd grade in the fall.  Justin has grown SO MUCH this year both in inches and academically.  We are so proud of him for his high marks, positive attitude and outstanding effort.  This year we were blessed with another AMAZING teacher … Mrs. Palmer. 

Justin with Mrs. Palmer

We decided NOT to say “goodbye” to her instead we said “see you this summer”.  She plans to watch Justin play baseball this summer.  Justin once told me … “I’m pretty sure Mrs. Palmer loves sports as much as I do”. 

The part of the picture I am sure Mrs. Palmer will treasure the most
Makenna with Ernie

Makenna completed another year at The Learning House with Ernie and Mary. Yet another blessing in our lives!  Ernie and Mary are saints of Early Childhood Education and Makenna is so fortunate to spend her early school years at The Learning House.  She too is growing too fast and learning more and more each day.

May 25, 2011

Full Contact ...

It is official … Justin is playing Pop Warner Football.  Games don’t start until September but conditioning with Colorado Football Academy has begun.  Um …… yeah you read that correct … Conditioning for my 8 YEAR OLD son has BEGUN.  2 days a week for the month of May and then 3 days a week for the month of June.

Justin all suited up in his practice uniform.  I guarantee it wasn’t a mom’s idea to have the practice uniform white … I can’t imagine they will stay white for very long!

On The Field

Justin might be getting bigger and adventuring into new things but it is going to take some getting use to the fact that my 8 year old son is “PLAYING FULL CONTACT FOOTBALL”.  I am totally torn between embracing the idea and being completely immobilized when I hear the crashing of pads and look up and see Justin lying on the ground buried under a pile of boys.

It’s a good thing that Justin LOVES it and leaves each practice with a huge smile on his face.  It’s that smile that makes me sweat out the lump in my stomach when I think about my baby boy playing his first year of Full Contact Football.    

May 13, 2011

Blessed ...

Mother's Day 2011