May 31, 2013

Another One Down …

Today was the last day of school.  I’m both exited and scared.  We have tons of fun planned for the summer … which excites me!!! On the other hand … I’m scared that August and Back to School time will be here sooner than we want.

 The kids and I made Summer Bucket List for their end of the year Teacher Gifts!

 Makenna's teacher has a One Year Old so we picked fun stuff for Mrs. Hersh and baby Addy to do!  Justin's teacher is single with grown kids but just got a new puppy.  We picked things for her to do outside with her new puppy and relaxing stuff!!  I LOVE them they turned out super cute.  We filled them with REI water bottles and gift cards to do the fun activities!

Best part of Kindergarten ... "Learning how to read and having lots of friends"!!
 Best part of 4th grade ... "Mid-evil project and lots of field trips"!
 Makenna with her super LOVING teacher Mrs. Hersh!
Justin with his FABULOUS teacher Ms. DeSalle

 When your kiddos go to school you want them to have the best!  Lucky Us!! We have been blessed to have WONDERFUL teachers!  

Now let the SUMMER FUN begin!!