July 25, 2009

Labor of Love ….

After Justin got his tractor he asked Grandpa Stan to help him build a trailer to pull behind it. Never did I imagine how fabulous it would turn out. Grandpa with a little help from Justin built this amazing trailer. Justin was so happy ... he wanted to ride instead of drive!

July 23, 2009

Directions… Erections?!?!

Several months ago Justin and I picked up a Star Wars Chess set at a garage sale. Justin being only 6 has yet to understand how complicated the game of chess can be. Well today Justin got the chess set out of the closet and set all the “figures” up on the board … he looked at me and said, “let’s play” … my reply, “oh honey I don’t remember how”. Well pretty soon here comes Justin into the other room holding a piece of paper … “mom you’re going to be so happy the chess guys come with erections”.

July 22, 2009

Big GIRL Bed …

Yesterday we finally took the big step and moved Makenna out of her crib and into a big girl bed. She was not happy about us taking down the crib until she realized she was going to get a big bed just like Justin’s. Dwight has had several antique beds for years. Crazy me I thought the bed was twin size. Uh … nope I was wrong. The good news is we have another full size bed if needed for overnight visitors … the bad news is I had already bought all of Makenna’s new bedding in Twin Size. Oops … so for now she only has sheets and her Elmo Blanket on her bed. Oh well she loves it and Justin was just as excited he even decided to sleep in her bed last night!

I told Dwight last night we didn't have to worry about Makenna falling of the side of the bed just maybe the foot of the bed ... Silly Girl ... She is such an "Octopus" when she sleeps!

July 13, 2009

Bubble Bubble ... Kick Kick

We have a wonderful City Recreation program here in town but it is almost impossible to get coordinating swim lesson times for a 2 year old and 6 year old. My easy solution … private lessons! Sometimes you have to pay for convenience but it is worth the extra money. The kids learn so much with one-on-one instructions!

This morning Makenna had her 1st lesson. She loves the water but was very shy with the instructor. It took some persuading to get her to blow bubbles in the water and kick her feet but she finally did it!! Both Justin and Makenna have another lesson on Wednesday!

July 11, 2009

Baseball Fever ...

After 3 days in a row of baseball … 2 wins, 1 loss … I’m sad to say our baseball season is official over. But am happy to say … I think Justin has caught the “Baseball Fever”. From a little boy who 4 months ago had never really played with a bat or a ball … he sure has turned into a mighty big ball player. This just might be his sport. He had an amazing season and emerged as a key player for his team. Dwight and I are so proud of him. It’s been fun watching these “Kindergarten Ball Players” … each game brought enjoyment and laughter as you never knew what to expect from this age group.

~ UH ... What's wrong with this picture?? ... at times our outfield wasn't too good ... can you figure out why?? ~

~ Justin with Coach Michelle ~

July 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun ...

The kids and I figured out the perfect way to cool off today. Pizza lunch and water fun with Julie, Jackson and Carli Bigge!!

~ Carli was not happy that Makenna had the hose ~

~ Makenna and Jackson tag teamed the slip and slide ~

~ Justin's Turn ~

July 5, 2009

4th of July ...

It happens every year. We fill the day completely full of fun events to celebrate Independence Day and end up tired and worn out on the 5th!! This year we stayed with tradition … today I’m exhausted from yesterday’s events!!
First Stop ... The day started out early with the annual breakfast at The Van Cleave’s house in Wellington. The kids played … the adults drank Mimosa and we all enjoyed a yummy breakfast.

~ Cris Lance, Josh Bigge and Dwight enjoying their morning cocktails ~

~Makenna clapping to the band ~
Second Stop … morning walk to downtown Wellington for the annual Hillbilly Parade. Not sure what the attaction is but we go year after year to see the parade of “Anything Goes”. It’s an hour or longer event of anything that can be driven, pushed or pulled down main street while someone rides or walks near by and tosses candy to the street lined with young kids. Bruce (my father in law) likes to drive his old car in the parade … this year Justin rode in the car with my niece Amber. Oops somehow I completely missed them passing by therefore I have NO pictures. None the less Justin loved it and was done with his ride in time to still get in on some candy catching. Makenna on the other had stuck to the catch it …eat it stratagy all she had after the morning parade was sticky fingers!!

~ Best of Friends ... Dwight and JC Van Cleave ~

~ Waiting for Candy ... Jackson Bigge, Brody Van Cleave and Makenna ~

~ The Boys ... Ben and Danny our drivers drove the dump trucks thru the parade~

~ Daddy with his little firecracker~

~ uh told you anything goes ... all the kids care about is the CANDY ~

Third Stop … home to prepare for our late afternoon BBQ. The weather was not all that cooperative so we moved the BBQ to the shop. We gathered with friends and family for burgers and beers. The rain stopped just in time for evening fireworks! We watched the Fort Collins City Park fireworks from our back porch! The view is not PERFECT but it sure beats fighting the traffic!

~ Makenna and Ciera Lance ~