January 30, 2010

Seven ...

Seven years ago I became a mom … yesterday Justin celebrating his 7th birthday and I celebrated 7 years of motherhood! Where has time gone??

Thursday night Aunt Sheri came over and decorated his cake! Justin is really into sports. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball etc … he loves them all but decided this year he wanted a Denver Broncos Football party!

~ The Cake ... Aunt Sheri always amazes us ~

Yesterday afternoon I took Justin’s favorite treat … Strawberry Glazed Donuts with Broncos Sprinkles on them to school to share with his friends.

~ Justin with his Best Friend Chris ~

Last night we had his family party at our house with Pizza, cake, ice cream and presents. Grandpa Stan, Bobbye, Grandma Sharon, Grandpa Bruce, Great Grandma Faye, Aunt Nadene, Cousin Amber, Aunt Sheri and Uncle Bob all joined us to help celebrate Justin’s special day!

~ His Smile pretty much says it all ~

~ City Lego Set from Grandpa Stan and Bobbye ~

~ Batman Sweatshirt from Aunt Nadene ~

~ Opening Presents ~

~ Singing "Happy Birthday" ... we had to light the candles several times because Makenna kept blowing them out ~

The birthday excitement will stick around for a while ... his friend party is scheduled for next Sunday!

January 17, 2010

Redneck Sledding ....

Dwight and the kids had a blast sledding today. We still have plenty of snow left from our big snow storm several weeks ago. I guess these tractors are good for something :-)

January 8, 2010

Just adorable ...

I’m only 2 months behind schedule but I finally did it! Today I took Makenna in for her 3 year photo shoot. This was the 1st time ever that I have walked away from a photo studio spending less than $100. It wasn’t because the pictures were bad … they were ALL adorable. It was just yesterday that I organized the overflowing envelope of photos from her 2 year photo shoot. Honestly I have enough photos left over from last year that I could wallpaper an entire wall with them. Organizing old pictures was an excellent project for the day before picture day. It made picking my 2 very favorite poses so much easier. Sadly 2 poses didn’t qualify me for the free picture CD that I am use to getting so I had to scan the photos. Must be their way of protecting their prints cause the coloring in these are better on the original prints. But seriously ... it's she just adorable? :)

January 4, 2010

Y2K +10 ...

It might have been safe but sane I’m not so sure. We joined 9 other couples and more kids than I could count and spent New Years Eve at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Loveland. It was a great time. We all gathered for a “happy hour” downstairs in the main dining area and then finished the night hoping from room to room. Justin and Makenna crashed out early … poor babies were too tired to make it until midnight.

~ Ready for a night of fun ~

~ Daddy and Makenna ... excited to be at the hotel ~

~ Just a few of the kids ~
Brody VanCleave, Justin holding Conner Lance, Makenna, Grace VanCleave and Ciera Lance

~ Happy Hour ~

~ Justin and Makenna drinking their "Shirley Temple Cocktails" ~

~ Dave Marrou . Dwight . JC VanCleave . Cris Lance ~

~ Me and Jen VanCleave ~

~ JC and Dwight ... Surprised Dwight made it to Midnight he partied like it was 1999 ~

~ Jen . Julie Marrou . Anne and Ciera Lance ~

~ View from our bedroom window ... minus I-25 the mountains were stunning ~

~ Dwight keep his promise and took the kids swimming in the morning ~