January 28, 2009

Ace of Cakes ....

I’m proud to say … I’ve made every single one of my kid’s birthday cakes …. Actually I should say I’ve baked every single one of my kid’s birthday cakes and assisted with decorating them. I’m the Baker and Design Specialist ~ Aunt Sheri is the Master Cake Decorator. Yes I know that the store sells cakes but there is nothing like a home made cake on your birthday plus the store could never come close to the cool designs we have made over the years. Tomorrow Justin will turn 6 and this year he decided he wanted a MONSTER TRUCK PARTY. Justin has caught on to the idea that he can pretty much decide what he wants for a cake and between Aunt Sheri and I … magic will happen.

~ The Cake in the Making ~
Justin’s directions this year for his cake … “I want a big Monster Truck like Grave Digger jumping in the air smashing cars”.
~ Justin watching the Magic Happen ~

3 Cake Mixes, 1 Pan of Brownies, 4 Donuts Hand Dipped in Chocolate, 3 lbs of Frosting, some Props and a night of decorating and this is the result.

Not too bad for 2 amateur cake decorators!

January 25, 2009

25 Random Facts ...

Was sucker into this from a tag on Facebook so figured I would post it here as well:

25 Random Facts~

1. I have a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on the inside of my right ankle…funny my mom was mad about my sisters belly piecing yet thought my tattoo was “cute”

2. I talk to my sister Lori on the phone at least once a day

3. Cherish my 35+ years of friendship with my childhood friend Trish

4. I am a shopaholic but seldom buy things that are not on sale unless I can’t live without it

5. Oh shoes … I love shoes … good quality shoes … with shoes it’s not about quantity it’s all about QUALITY!!

6. Have 2 of the very best BFF’S and couldn’t imagine my life without them

7. My friends are super important to me… I consider myself a genuine friend and don’t know very many people who would consider me unlikable.

8. I am the queen of procrastinating!!

9. Did some WILD things in my youth but nothing compared to the COMPLETELY INSANE things my husband did.

10. I use to run 10 miles a day … now I’m not sure I could run 1 mile:)

11. Worked at Gap Kids during college and LOVED it

12. Was a nanny in LA for 5 years … now the kids are all grown up!!

13. My first pet was a cat named Mouse

14. I love to scrapbook and seldom leave home without my camera … sadly I have way more pictures than I have time to scrapbook!

15. Made my 1st quilt 6 years ago and wish I had more time to sew… it really is therapeutic

16. Believes it’s impossible to knows what it feels like to lose someone you love so much until it happens to you

17. I’m addicted to coffee … hazelnut latte to be more specific!

18. My 1st car was a white Fiero … you would be amazed at how many people you can fit in a 2 seater car

19. I’ve only owned 4 cars in my life – 1 of them brand new … my beloved Black Mustang.

20. Think everyone should have the chance to be touch by a child with special needs… it's amazing how it changes your life and gives new meaning to unconditional love

21. I know WAAAAAAAAY too many people affected by Cancer … fact = 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer at some stage in their life.

22. Look in on my kids every night before I go to bed

23. Miss working but couldn’t imagine my life any other way … my kids will only be young once and I’m not about to miss this time with them!

24. I am completely addicted to Facebook and am thrilled to have the chance to catch up with so many old friends.

25. Can not believe it’s been 20 years since I graduated from high school … good thing I don’t feel as old as I am.

January 23, 2009

Friday Night Fort …

Dwight was busy working in the shop so the kids and I decided to build us a fort. Justin built the 1st fort. Makenna wrecked it. Together they built the 2nd fort and Makenna wrecked it. 3rd time was a charm. The 3 of us build the 3rd fort and 2 hours later it is STILL STANDING. Justin was all excited to sleep in the fort until I broke the news to him that he would be on his own. I am WAY TOO OLD to sleep on the floor. Maybe he can talk daddy into sleeping with him in the fort tomorrow night! Tonight the fort is vacant and Justin and Makenna are fast asleep in their own beds.

~ Best of Friends ~

~ Scaring the Monsters out of the Fort ~

January 13, 2009

Snowmobile + Sled = FUN ...

Justin has been patiently waiting for some more snow. Not sure what it is about boys and snow but the cold doesn’t seem to affect them. Justin would spend all day playing in the snow if we would let him.

He wore his snow boots to school the other day just in case it snowed while he was at school. The fact that it was 50+ degrees outside didn’t seem to matter to him. He was sure it was going to snow … he continuously asks “How can it be winter when there is no snow on the ground?”

Well hurray for some snow. It finally snowed enough yesterday to make for a dangerously fun afternoon. The kids and I spend the afternoon playing in the snow with Alisha and Cooper Bigge.

The kids had a blast!! We even had to take a break to thaw out and have some Hot Chocolate than back outside for some more fun. Makenna was a little unsure at first but enjoyed it once she got on the sled.

January 10, 2009

Looking Ahead ...

Things I hope to accomplish in 2009!!

Spend more time with Justin and Makenna ... Someday they will be too cool to want to hang out with mom. I better grab all the time I can while they are still young.

Curtains and New Livingroom Furniture … It’s been almost a year since we moved into our new house and the no curtain business is driving both Dwight and I crazy ~ yet it always seems to fall to the back of the “To Do” list. Not anymore I am determined to get curtains SOON! The new livingroom furniture will be icing on the cake!

Scrapbook, scrapbook and more scrapbooking … I am so far behind on both the kids and our family scrapbook. Dwight so generously built me an entire craft room in our new house … I just need to get motivated and start busting pages out!!

Participate in Relay for Life … This has been a goal of mine since my mom passed away from Lung Cancer.

Join MOPS … Ever since Justin was little I have contemplated joining Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers). Now that I don’t have a work schedule to plan around I have NO excuse for not doing it.

Family Vacation … hopefully to the beach this summer! We took Justin when he was 2 and can’t wait to see Makenna in the sand!

More Date Nights … It is so true me and Dwight never get enough alone time. Dinners without kids are a rarity. When we have 2 of the best babysitters around (grandparents) I’m not sure why we don’t go out more often.

Stay Connected with Friends ... I’m a Facebook addict!! I am blessed to have been reconnected with so many old friends. Now I want to stay connected… Making more time for coffee breaks, lunch and dinner with friends!!

Lose 10 more pounds … I am having my 20 year reunion this summer and certainly don’t want to be the “Big Whale” at the reunion.

Keep Blogging … This shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. I am hooked on blogging and love sharing pictures and stories with others.

January 1, 2009

NYE Casino Night ...

Know when 2 HOLD them
Know when 2 FOLD them

~ Trish and I ... forever friends ~

We spent New Years Eve celebrating with friends … Casino Style.

~ Check out those Poker Faces ~

~ Me with my sister-in-law Nadene ~

~ Bets Up ... Blackjack Table ~

We gathered in Dwight Shop for a night of Blackjack and a Texas Hold-em Tournament. It was a blast … we will defiantly have to set up another Casino Night Soon!
~ Aaron, Trish, Renee and Rick ~

~ Game On ... Kortney braved herself and was the dealer for the boys ~

~ Becky and Kortney ~

~ Party Girls ... Trish and I ~