June 12, 2015

Fairy Garden

After seeing several fairy gardens on Pinterest and Facebook Makenna and I decided to do our own.  The supplies were not easy to find.  Not sure if we started too late in the season but it took us several weeks and multiple shopping trips to gather all the supplies.  
Once we had all our supplies together we let the creativity flow!

The final project turned out pretty darn cute!

June 8, 2015

I'm Back

Yesterday Makenna and I spent some time reminiscing about her early years ... YES she's 8 and still thinks of when she was 2 as a "LONG TIME AGO".  For me I have an entire mix of feelings.  At times 6 years ago seems like just yesterday and others it seems like so long ago.  Life always seems to be in fast forward for us.  Between school, work and sports LIFE IS BEYOND BUSY!!  I love all of it, but need to step back and take time to focus on remembering the little things.

Makenna and I read each blog entry yesterday and I was flooded with memories and emotions.  At the end of it I knew one thing for sure.  I miss blogging and MUST make an effort to keep posting!

Someday I plan to get back to scrapbooking but for now I'm going to focus on blogging little moments in this adventure of life.  I learned several things yesterday while reminiscing.

- It's easy to remember the big picture but it's all the funny quotes and little sayings that are easily forgotten when they are not in writing.
- I'm a photographer!  I take pictures of everything and they are just stuck in files on our computer, on my phone or stored in my cloud.  I don't want to remember just the image I want to remember the details.  
- Aging sucks!  Yep it's true the older you get the harder it is to remember the little details!
- I want others to share our joy and see that yes our lives are beyond busy ... but this crazy busy life is full of FUN!

It's been too long.  I'm Back!!!