July 26, 2008

A letter to Mom ...

Wow so much has happened since you went to live with the Lord. I’m certain you keep up with us from heaven but I also know how social you are so I’m confident you’re keeping a busy schedule. Knowing you mom, your never to busy to watch over us kids. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I miss you so much. I truly never imagined it would be this difficult living without you. Your amazing love, guidance and encouragement you gave me each day always helped me through the hard times. What I didn’t realize is the hardest time of my life would come when I didn’t have you here. I guess that is God’s way of building individual strength.
Mom I can’t believe how helpful you were with Justin. I never realized how much you did for me and I thank you so much. Your influence on Justin will last with him for years and years … hopefully forever. He asks and talks about his special “Grandma H.” often. Can you believe he is starting Kindergarten next month?
Makenna keeps me on my toes. I know you are smiling most of the day watching her run me ragged. She is definitely my payback child. She is forever challenging me and she isn’t even 2. What am I going to do for the next 16 years?
Hopefully you saw us at the cemetery today. Justin really enjoys visiting the cemetery. He picked out the yellow flowers and balloons all by himself. Justin wanted to release two of the balloons so they would get to you sooner. He hopes the angels hurry to get the flowers and big heart balloon we left for you. He’s scared they won’t get them delivered to you before it rains.
Justin asked today “why God won’t let you out of heaven to just visit us for a week?” I told him that’s because mommy wouldn’t ever let you go back and that would make God sad. Probably not the best answer but I struggle explaining death to him when it’s hard enough for me to understand it myself.
Don’t think for a minute that I will ever stop missing you. I don’t even need you to visit for a week I would take just a day…only if it worked that way.
Hugs, kisses and lots and lots of love,

PS: Your headstone is on its way. We decide to have it made out of blue granite and they had to import the granite from some foreign country. The granite is finally here we are just decided on the perfect wording. We want it to be extra special!

July 21, 2008

BFF ~ Makenna & Madalee

We had the privilege of watching our niece Amanda’s daughter Madalee the other night while she enjoyed a night out with her husband Matt. Madalee is 3 months older than Makenna and the 2 of them are quite the pair. They have the best time playing together.
~ Snack Time ~

~ Madalee pushing Makenna in the doll stroller ... they laughed the entire time !! ~

July 19, 2008


Yesterday Dwight, Justin and I spent the day at Elitch Garden’s Amusement Park in Denver.
~ A view from the top of the Ferris Wheel ~
We met up with several friends at the park and had a fabulous time. Justin was exhausted when we left. Justin discovered the advantage of being tall (49 inches) … he made the height requirement to ride all the rides except 3. But honestly he had the best time in the “Kiddie” section of the park. Justin and Cooper Bigge spent 2 hours straight riding one ride after another. They had a blast! Justin is already asking when we are going back.

~ Dwight and Justin on our 1st ride of the day... the Carousel ~

~ Cat and Mouse Bumper Cars ~

~ Justin and Cooper on the Roller Coaster ~

~ Justin Flying High on the Swings ~

~ Justin and I soaked after getting off Shipwreck Falls Log Ride ~

July 17, 2008

Class of 88'

Holy Cow are we getting old. Thank goodness I don’t look as old as I feel!! To really put an age to how old we are … last month Dwight had his 20 year high school reunion. Oh yes - you read correctly. It’s been 20 years since he graduated from high school. I won’t be calling him old on his own cause next summer we will be gather for my 20th reunion. --- Where has time gone?!??!!
What a fun night it turned out to be! It was great to catch up with old friends. Reunions should be ever couple of years. Who wants to wait 10 years before we get together again?? I started out taking photos and then after 3 margs at the Rio I was beyond concentrating on taking pictures:)

~ Dwight, Andy Pett, JC Van Cleave and Roy Cantu Pre-Partying at Old C's ~

~ Lara Deakin and I at The Rio ~

~ Kent Cope, Cindy and Sandy Gibson, Dwight, Tanya Porter and JC ~

~ Me and My Girl Sandy ~

~ JC, Dwight and Kim Kerbs ~

July 11, 2008

Our New Niece

My sister Lori gave birth to her 4th child earlier this afternoon.
Emily Ann Couch
7 lbs. 4 oz.

~ Isn't she Beautiful ~

~ Big Sister Taylor (6yrs) with Emily ~

~ Big Brother Brandon (4yrs) with Emily ~

~ Big Brother Caleb (2yrs) with Emily ~

Beat the Heat

The weather has been so hot here we decided to spend the afternoon hanging out with the Bigge’s in their backyard. Makenna loved the water and Justin had a blast playing on the Slip n Slide.

~ The result of too much sun .... Brittany, Justin and Cooper ~

July 10, 2008

Dollies N Dirt

I’m always asked if Makenna is a “Girlie Girl” or a “Tomboy”… these pictures explain it quite well … she is a little bit of both!

July 8, 2008


What a fun day it turned out to be. We started the morning with a pancake breakfast at JC and Jen Van Cleave's house. Next was the Wellington Parade. Trust me you haven’t seen a parade until you have seen a parade in Wellington. Anything and everything goes… it doesn’t matter how hillbilly the parade is - it’s been a 4th of July tradition for our family for years to spend the morning in Wellington. Justin loves gathering the candy they throw from the cars/floats/tractors etc.
~ Aunt Nadene and Makenna watching the parade ~

~ All it took was 1 sucker and Makenna was happy ~

~ Justin and Jackson Bigge watching the Parade ~

That evening we had our own 4th of July bash in the backyard/house/shop. It turned out to be a lot of fun. We had over 40 people …friends and family join us. We sat on our back patio and had a great view of the City Parks fireworks. It was a late night for the kids and even later for Dwight who thought for a moment he was 21 again! Let’s put it this way he was worthless for about 2 days after the festivities ended.

~ Makenna, Brody Van Cleave and Amber (my niece) riding on the golf cart ~

~ One of my very best friends Heidi and her little man Lucas ~

~ My Grammie Winnifred was here visiting from Kansas and Dwight's Grandma Faye... they were having such a great time talking we couldn't even get them to stop for a picture ~

~ Justin's favorite part of the night ... JC taught him all about fireworks. He called the poppers "BOMBS" and was traumatized when he ran out of them ~

July 3, 2008

Nothing 2 do??!!??

I’ve been thinking about blogging for months, I just have never really had the time. Sadly my best friend still has yet to see photos of our new house or recent pictures of my kids. Now that our house is unpacked and organized…at least for today! Finally I feel like I have time to do some of the things that I have pushed aside.