September 30, 2010

A weekend to remember ...

Last weekend was an amazing weekend for me. I was blessed to spend it with my sisters (Sheri and Lori) and one of my favorite cousins (Darci). We laughed, we cried, we embraced the love of God as we spend 2 days (Friday and Saturday) attending Women of Faith in Denver at the Pepsi Center.

~ Lori, Sheri and I ... leaving Fort Collins for a weekend to remember ~

It is impossible to explain how amazing it is to be surrounded by 11,000 women who LOVE Jesus! For those of you who don't know, Women of Faith is a 2 day conference of speakers, musicians, artist, and plain ole inspirational women. This was not my 1st Women of Faith conference. In fact I have been several times before and strongly debated if I really wanted to go. NOT because of the wonderful HIGH you get from a weekend like this but simply … the last conferences I have been to it was with my MOM by my side. Honestly I wasn’t sure what the weekend would bring but I was willing to let the Lord be my strength. When we first walked into the Pepsi Center on Friday morning and sat down in our seats my eyes swelled with tears. I was overwhelmed with an aching lost feeling of being without my mom. As the day went on Sheila Walsh … an INCREDIBLE truly inspirational woman … spoke straight to my heart with a wonderful devotional about trusting God. Praise God I went from feeling lost to feeling the love of mom and how proud she was. I know in heaven she smiled from ear to ear with pride as she watched the weekend unfold.

Sadly this is the 1st time … aside from when we all gather as families … that I have spent a weekend with my sisters. Over dinner on Friday night we decided we MUST TRY to make “sisters weekend” happen more often. I am so blessed to have wonderful, loving and FUN sisters that it seems crazy that we can’t fit more time for each other into our busy lives.

To add an explanation mark to our incredible weekend we ended it with Sheri, Lori and I sitting FRONT ROW at the Denver Broncos / Indianapolis Colts Game.

~ Me, Lori and Sheri ready for some Broncos Madness ~

~ The view from our seats ... Not bad huh ~

~ Our seats were RIGHT NEXT to the visitor tunnel that the players run in and out off ... Peyton Manning entering the field ~

~ Justin's favorite running back ... Eddie Royal ~

~ Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels happy about something ~

~ Obviously it wasn't the score :( ~

Seriously do weekends get better than this?? This is going to be a tough one to top!!

September 14, 2010

New Wheels ...

Makenna and I were strolling around a church rummage sale and BAM … look what we found!! Ah it was love at first sight for Makenna … a pearly purple bike!! The closer I got the better it looked! … a TREK Mystic … MSRP $189.99 … rummage sale price $5.00!

But wait … it gets even better ... half price sale started at NOON it was 12:01 … final price $2.50 for the bike … new basket from Target … training wheels from Lee’s Cyclery and Makenna has some NEW WHEELS!!

September 9, 2010

Preschool ...

Finally the day came … yesterday Makenna’s preschool started. Makenna attends a FABULOUS private preschool on Monday and Wednesday morning. Since it is not connected to the school district nor does it have any type of day care the schedule is not the same as Justin. Try explaining this to a 3 year old!! She was struggling with the fact that Justin started school but she had to wait 3 weeks.

Yesterday was a big day for her. It took about 10 minutes for her to … drop the stuffed animals … put the hose down … put the sticks down … put the rocks down … stand still … now smile and look at me!! Wow thank goodness we don’t have to take pictures every morning.

~ Makenna skipping into The Learning House ~