April 30, 2012

One full day of fun ...

The Easter Bunny stopped by and left 3 baskets at our house!

Makenna ... Elmo ... Justin all got some goodies from the Easter Bunny!

Celebrating Easter at Aunt Sheri's and Uncle Bob's with Great Grammie! 

 Hanging out with their cousins made Easter Extra Special!!

Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Michael

Easter Bunny came to our house + Easter service at Timberline Church + Lunch and Easter Egg Hunt at Aunt Sheri's and Uncle Bob's house + Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Michael's house = ONE full day of fun!!

April 10, 2012

Easter Party Fun ...

For years it has been tradition for me to host an Easter Party for Makenna and her friends.  To make it extra special for the little kids I generally have the party while the “big kids” are at school.   This year I had a little pinch on my heart knowing that next year Makenna will be one of the “big kids” and at school. 

The last few years the weather has not been ideal but this year it was PERFECT!  Makenna along with 14 friends had a wonderful morning. 

~ Petting the baby lamb ~
~ Ready for the egg hunt ~ 
~ Makenna on the hunt for some treat filled eggs ~
 ~ My great nephew Memphis (age 3) ~
 ~ My nephew Caleb (age 5) ~
~ Little Miss Marlie (age 18 months) ... 
the little girl I get to love on 2 days a week ~
~ Checking out all the goodies inside their eggs ~
 ~ My niece Emily (age 3) ~
 ~ Makenna and her friend Carli ~
~ Bunny Tail treats for Makenna's friends ~

After all this fun I might just have to break tradition and have the party on a weekend next year.