July 31, 2012

Bird City Kansas ...

July ended with another fun vacation in Bird City, Kansas at the Annual Tri-State Antique and Engine Show.  This year, despite my protest Justin graduated to driving the full size tractors on his own. He did great and loved it!

~ Justin driving the Allis Chalmers ~

Since Justin abandoned the driver seat on the mini tractor Brandon (my nephew) jumped in and learned to drive the mini tractor on his own and was smiling ear to ear!  Makenna and Emily were happy to tag along with the boys in the trailer.

 ~ Brandon Driving the Cub Cadet through the Parade with Makenna ~

Engine Show Fun ... Makenna and Emily enjoying there time together!
 ~ Tug a War with the Little Engine ~

 My niece Taylor had a softball tournament so Uncle Charlie, Taylor and Caleb missed the show.  Aside from a smaller family gathering it was a fun mini vacation for all of us!

July 25, 2012

Summer Ball ...

June and July was full of baseball and softball.  Justin played his 4th year of Youth Rec Baseball.  This year it was entirely kid pitch.  Which Justin loved … his favorite position is Pitcher!  His team had a successful season … one game away from playing in the Championship game!  Justin improved his pitching, had a few real big hits but most of all had lots of fun!  One of his best friends … Cooper Bigge played with him this year which made the season even more enjoyable for all of us. 

 Justin Pitching!

 This is the 1st year he has played catcher ... he loved it!

 The "Team" ... not sure Makenna realized she was not actually on the team!  Gotta love a girl who always wants to be by her brothers side!

Dwight and I played on a Coed Rec Softball League this summer with Darren and Audrey and several other “Hodge’s” relations.  It was fun but didn’t take long to prove how old we are.  I tore my quad during the 2nd game and was out for about a month then Dwight sprained his ankle towards the end of the season and hobbled through the rest of the game.  Sadly I never took any pictures at the game so we just have stories to be told.  Wednesday nights made for some good laughs … hopefully we are all brave enough to do it again next summer!

July 9, 2012

Two Wheels ...

Daddy decided it was time for 2 wheels so he took of Makenna’s training wheels!  It didn’t take long and she was off …….. Pedaling fast and dragging her feet or jumping off to stop is her style of riding! 

It works ... she's riding on her own and LOVING it!

So fast even the camera couldn't stop her :)