February 23, 2011

Iowa -6 , Colorado +6 ...

~ The Couch Family ~

It’s been talked about for years but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become reality. My sister Lori and her beautiful family are moving from Orange City, Iowa to Northern Colorado in less than 3 months.

Last week my brother in law Charlie accepted a job at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado that starts the beginning of May. After being a working mom for the past 8 years Lori will get a glimpse of my world and a much needed break from the working world. She will experience the joys of being a stay at home mom of 4 fabulous kiddos.

The move will be bittersweet. They are leaving a small town community that they have truly poured there heart into and will be leaving behind many great friendships but I know they are looking forward to a new community, new friendships and new adventures.

For me … I can’t wait to love on, spoil and be an active present part of my niece and nephews lives … Taylor (9), Brandon (7), Caleb (4), and Emily Ann (2). Justin and Makenna are just as excited as I am to have their cousins moving close by.

Having my sister and her amazing husband Charlie living 20 miles away verses 700 miles needs no explanation!  ... truly a dream come true!

February 6, 2011

8 years old ...

January 29th was a FULL day of excitement for Justin.  After spending the morning celebrating with his friends we came home and spent the afternoon outside enjoyed the beautiful 65 degree weather.  Finally after dinner we sat down and watched Justin open his presents.

 Justin's face pretty much says it all ... he was just a little excited to open present! 

 Justin fell over with excitement when he opened his Tom Brady Jersey
ah ... I love that Justin doesn't care if it is clothes or toys ... it's all EXCITING!
Broncos Trading Cards and Hugs from the best sister ever!

February 5, 2011

Our Little All Star ...

8 years ago my life was forever changed. I was no longer just responsible for myself. God gave me the most amazing little man to care for. Justin has blessed my life in so many ways. I am so lucky to have a son that is gentle and kind hearted yet rough, tough and ALL BOY!

Keeping with Justin’s LOVE for SPORTS … especially football … his friend birthday party this year was a REMATCH FLAG FOOTBALL GAME with a Trading Card twist!  With a little help from Aunt Lori we designed his invitation to look like a trading card. 

 ~ Front of the Invitation ~
 ~ Back of the Invitation ~

Once again we doubled up his friend party with one of his best buddies Jackson Bigge … who just happened to be born on the same day … January 29th, 2003! This year we planned WAY in advanced and booked the Sports Center in August for our January party … PRIME TIME … Saturday Morning JANUARY 29th from 10-Noon!

~ Birthday Boys ... Jackson and Justin ~

This year it was a WiLD ReMATCH! Not sure if it was because the Boys were Bigger … there were MoRE Kids (24) … or because Boys R Boys and they are just Rough N Tough. … the good news was there was NO flying moonboot injuries this year! YeaH!

~ The Littlest Members of the team ... Carli Bigge and Makenna ~

55 minutes of football madness was enough for this mamma’s nerves then it was time for the party room!  Hotdogs, cupcakes, presents and treat bags!

Cupcakes beautifully decorated by Julie and her sister Jennifer
Boys got ... 25 Football Trading Cards, Basketball Chocolate Sucker, Cracker Jacks
Girls got ... Pom Poms, Basketball Chocolate Sucker, Cracker Jacks

~ The Birthday Boy ~

 ~ Opening Presents ~
~ I love this picture of Justin reading his card with all his friends looking on ~
~ Trading Football Cards ~

Just like all the years in the past … Justin declared on the way home …”this was the best birthday party EVER”!