January 10, 2011

Bronco Fever ...

This hasn’t been the best season for the Denver Broncos but that didn’t stop Justin, Dwight and I from braving the FREEZING COLD weather and attending the last Broncos game of the season on January 2nd.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Charger

Justin has been waiting all season for this day to come. Not very many 7 year olds are lucky enough to sit FRONT ROW at an NFL Football game. We are just so stinkin’ lucky my cousin has front row Denver Bronco Season Ticket and graciously shares them with us. It didn’t matter how cold it was outside … for the record it was about 35 degrees at the start of the game … I wasn’t about to miss sharing Justin's excitement. Justin is really into football … loves the Broncos and faithfully follows the NFL games and stats. So I knew this was going to be a special day for him.

We took Justin to a Broncos game several years ago that ended in a disaster … Justin and I both got food poisoning … we only saw a few minutes of the game … it was ugly and not a very memorable moment for any of us.

This time we were determined to make it a wonderful memory for Justin. Despite the cold we were all excited to see TEBOW play!! I even made a sign in the car on the way to the game :)

The seats are right next to the visiting team tunnel ... Chargers waiting to run onto the field
 One pampered pony!!
This is what you call serious BRONCO FEVER!
Despite the COLD and the Broncos losing (Broncos 28 – Chargers 33) … we stayed for the entire game.  Justin found out first hand that having seats right next to the tunnel has some bonus perks when it comes to the end of the game.  #87 Kelley Washington from the San Diego Chargers handed Justin his hand warmer and a glove.  Justin smiled the entire way home!
#87 Kelley Washington ... Justin's favorite San Diego Charger!

January 3, 2011

Raise Your Glass ...

Slam, Slam oh hot damn …. What a night!!

We had so much fun last year ringing the New Year at the Embassy Suites Hotel we gathered again for ROUND 2. This year we added some WILD couples … more kids and more rooms!! With a total of 11 couples and WAY TOO many kids to count the night was nothin' but FUN. We gathered for happy hour and dinner in the main atrium then headed back to our floor for some room HOPPING. This year we had a BLOCK of room. All of our rooms were side by side with several of them adjoining. We played poker, drank a few cocktails, got out of control on the dance floor and laughed are buns off.

The view from outside our room ~ Looking into the Open Atrium
 ~ Audrey and Me enjoying Happy Hour ~
 ~ Mommy and Makenna ~
~ Mommy and Justin ~
My wild and crazy girlfriends ... Audrey and Julie ... That tore up the dance floor with me!
~ Daddy and his New Years Princess ~
~ Celebrating our 16th New Years Eve Together ~

The great thing about the Suites is each room has a bedroom with a separate living room area.  So there is lots of space and plenty of room for everyone … the kids had tons of video games set up, movies playing, toys out etc.  Makenna crashed out before midnight but Justin stayed up and had a blast blowing horns, hooping and hollering and celebrating the turn of the New Year!!     

~ Midnight on the Balcony ~
 ~ Me, Julie and Jen ~
~ Daddy with his best little buddy ~