November 26, 2009

Thankful ...

1. For Dwight … my wonderful husband. I am so thankful for his hard work, caring heart and love for me and the kids. It is because of him that I am blessed to have #2 and #3

2. Justin and Makenna … my 2 amazing kids. My life is complete because of them!

3. The opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a mom. Getting the opportunity to spend all day everyday with my babies is a real blessing!

4. My walking boot … after 6 long weeks in a hard cast completely unable to walk unless with crutches or my knee cart I am ever so thankful to be walking on TWO feet.

5. God … My ever changing and growing relationship with him keeps me strong and able to rise above my low moments.

6. My dad … he always lends a helping hand. I often wonder if God’s master plan was to take mom from me way too early so that I could have a solid relationship with my dad.

7. Old Friends … was able to reconnect with many old friends this past year with the help of Facebook and my 20 year High School Reunion.

8. Internet … between email, shopping, facebook and ebay my life would be less hectic without the internet but oh how I could never survive my day without it!

November 18, 2009

Challenged …

I’ve been through some challenges in my life but I must say … I’m living in the middle of the biggest PHYSICAL Challenge I have ever had to concur. It’s been 7 weeks since I ruptured my Achilles Tendon. The past 6 weeks that I spent in a hard cast was emotionally and physically draining. The simple things in life that we take for granted really become apparent when you are forced to do EVERYTHING on one leg. Thank goodness for my knee cart and a few amazing people that have generously helped me over the past weeks.

My sister Sheri has been my personal shopping buddy and because of her we have had food in our house. Dwight can shop but has no idea how to stick to a budget and I refused to live off of eating Wendy’s. I’ve had to call on my dad several times. Praise God he is always so close to the house and has a pretty open schedule. My mother in law Sharon has helped out with laundry, watching the kids and various other jobs without her caring heart I’d be lost. Plus Alisha, Diana and Jan … Thanks for the help … the small things helped enormously.

And ahhhhh yes!! Dwight and the kids have been troopers during this ordeal. Especially Makenna who spends most of the day helping mommy. My family has concurred this with me and so far we have all survived. It hasn’t been easy but by the grace of God I have had the strength to get through each day. I’ve cried out many of times in prayer for the strength to make it through the day when my energy was gone and I no longer had the stamina to do anything!! I’ve learned that everything you do takes twice as long on 1 leg. Our house has been messy … the laundry has piled up … our meals have been simple but I made it through what I am hoping has been the worst part of this slow healing process.

November 15, 2009

Three ...

How is it possible that my baby is THREE!! 3 years ago our lives were changed forever. God blessed us with a spunky blond headed little darling that has kept us on our toes since the day she was born. On Monday November 9th (her actual Birthday) we celebrated Makenna turning 3 as a family.

~ Her new Radio Flyer Scooter from Mom and Dad ~

~ Sandwich Set from Justin ~

~ Baby Doll Clothes from Justin ~

Makenna absolutely LOVES Elmo!! Months ago when we were in the process of potty training Makenna I promised her an ELMO party if she would wear big girl panties ALL the time. Yesterday we celebrated Makenna’s 3rd birthday and finally had her ELMO Party. Makenna was so excited!! She truly understood this party was for her.

Friday night Aunt Sheri came over and decorated not ONE but TWO cakes for Makenna’s party!!

While Aunt Sheri was decorating the cakes Makenna, Justin and I set up the decorations and stuffed the “treat buckets”.

Makenna sitting at the party table on Friday night with her PJ’s on … I am certain Makenna would have sat at the table all night waiting for the party to start.

Makenna was so sweet when I put her to bed on Friday night … she crawled up into bed, tucked her stuffed Elmo under her arm and looked at him and said “Elmo you coming to my Elmo party?”

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Makenna. She had 7 friends + big brother Justin and lots of family here to share her special “Elmo Party”. I was a little worried for what would happen after the party was over. She has been so excited for this party I was scared she would have a melt down when she realized the party was over … ahhhhh presents ~ new things to keep her busy … has she even realized her next party is 12 months away???

Madalee and Makenna in the bean bag toss we made .... Sheri drew the Cookie Monster ... my dad cut it out of wood and made a stand for it ... Dwight and I painted it ... and I made some bean bag "cookies" to feed Cookie Monster ... the kids had a blast with it!!

~ The Party Table ~

~ Cutting the Cake ~

~ Ahhhh another ELMO ~

November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating ...

After a busy afternoon celebrating Memphis Birthday Dwight, the kids and I headed over to Aunt Sheri's and Uncle Bob's house for a wonderful taco dinner and an evening of trick or treating. Their neighborhood is PERFECT for the door to door begging for candy business the kids love to do on Halloween Night!!

Amazingly enough after having 20 inches of snow on the ground 3 days before Halloween the weather was decent for our outdoor evening adventure.

~ Uncle Bob and Justin dressed as Anakin Skywalker ~

~ Justin teaching Makenna how it is done ... Trick or Treat ~

~ Little Miss Elmo ... Did you know Makenna LOVES Elmo ~

Memphis Turns One ....

Our great nephew Memphis (Amanda's son) celebrated his 1st Birthday on Halloween Day!

~ Big Boy Memphis ~

~ Justin watching Amanda and Memphis open presents ~

~ Makenna ~

~ Big Sister Madalee watching her little brother open presents ~