November 29, 2010

26 days ...

I told you about my favorite photos site SHUTTERFLY ... well I finally got our Holiday Cards ordered. 


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Now I need to find time to write a letter, address them and get them mailed off. 
The count down is on! 
26 DAYS til the man in the red suit comes to visit!

November 17, 2010

2 cold 4 football ...

It’s NEVER too cold for Football when it’s your first CSU rams game.  It’s crazy that we live less than a mile from the stadium and we have never taken Justin to a home football game.  Well Aunt Sheri earned BIG BONUS points with Justin when she invited him to the CSU vs. BYU game last Saturday.

Aunt Sheri and Justin didn't seem to mind that is was cold and on the verge of snowing outside.  They bundled up and headed off to the game!

~ Aunt Sheri and Justin at the game ~

Even though CSU got slaughtered … 49-10 Justin loved his special afternoon at the Stadium!

November 16, 2010

Begging for Treats ...

This year we were blessed with wonderful weather for our door to door candy begging on Halloween Night.  Our night started out with a stop at Bruce and Sharon’s house then it was off to Aunt Sheri’s and Uncle Bob’s for some dinner and Trick or Treating.  Although Sheri and Bob don’t have kids they live in a great neighborhood that is JAMMED PACKED with lots of kids.  You can hit 2 streets and fill a bag of candy … every light in the neighborhood is ON. 

~ The Family ... Even Elmo went Trick or Treating ~

~ 2 Skunks ... Aunt Sheri and Makenna ~ 

~ Justin and Aunt Sheri ~

November 12, 2010

Tricks and Treats Farm Style …

Since we were super big slackers this year and canned the Adult Halloween Party Jen decided to do a little something special for the kids.  Our great friends Jen and JC Van Cleave busted their buns and got everything ready for a little Farm Style Halloween Fun. 

The night started with a sunset Hay Ride … then it was on to Farm Style Trick or Treating.

~ Makenna (Skunk) ... Grace (Jessie) ... Landry ... (Little Devil) ~ 

~ Justin (Bronco Player) and Makenna ~

The dads all stood inside the barn, shop, shed etc. doors around the farm and passed out treats and a few tricks to the kids.  Not sure which dad was PASSING OUT BOLTS.  We ended the fun with a warm dinner.  Thanks Jen and JC for the fun night!  The kids had a blast!    

~ Makenna looking for a treat ... but I'm pretty sure this is where the TRICKS came from :-) ~

November 10, 2010

Shutterfly ~ I'm Lovin' It ...

Last year I was a complete slacker and didn’t send out Christmas cards for the 1st time in over 11 years!!! So this year I am starting early … and what better place to look than SHUTTERFLY. Don’t clink on the link unless you want to fall in love with great photo products!!

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November 3, 2010

Cowboy Memphis ...

Besides all the Trick or Treating activities we had planned for the weekend we helped celebrate my great nephews 2nd birthday last Saturday.  Memphis turned 2 years old and celebrated with a Cowboy party at Lee Martinez Farm. 

~ Memphis ... 2 years Old ~

~ Ready for the Hay Ride ~

~ Justin with Memphis ~

~ Makenna ~