March 24, 2010

Here today ~ gone tomorrow ...

Colorado weather has always been a mystery but this winter Mother Nature has really kept us on our toes! It’s almost April and I can proclaim “I’m sick of SNOW”. For the second time this year Poudre School District called a SNOW DAY. Justin was thrilled and I must admit so was I. We all slept-in … had a pancake breakfast … and then went outside to play in the snow.

~ Justin and I built this wall to protect us from the snowballs being throw by daddy ~

~ Makenna found the beach umbrella under all the snow ~

~ Snowball fight with daddy ~

Even though I’ve seen enough snow for this winter and am VERY ready for SPRING WEATHER … this is Colorado. The snow will be “here today and gone tomorrow”.

March 21, 2010

What do you see ...

Justin was out of school for a week for Spring Break. We had intended on going to Iowa to visit my sister Lori and her family for the week but were afraid of the Iowa weather. Instead we spent the week doing some fun stuff with the kids. On Wednesday … Saint Paddy’s Day … we took the kids to The Denver Zoo.

~ The 1st animal we saw when we walked into the zoo ~

~ Riding the Zoo Train ~

~ Makenna showing Elmo the Big Turtle ~

~ Justin excited to be at the Zoo ~

~ Seriously fascinated with the primates ... had never seen one standing up like this ~

What a beautiful day it was!!! We weren’t the only ones in Colorado taking advantage of our beautiful 70 degree March day. It was a ZOO at the ZOO!
Lots and lots of people + lots and lots of animals = lots and lots of FUN!!

March 14, 2010

Easter Egg-citement ...

Dwight was out of town for the day so Justin, Makenna and I decided to make a colorful mess. We spent the afternoon dying Easter Eggs. I have a special cartoon of “blown eggs” I made with my sisters when we were little. Each Easter I get them out for decorations. So this year Justin wanted to dye both boiled and blown eggs.

We got everything ready …

and had a blast dying 2 dozen eggs!!

Makenna really had fun this year with her eggs!

Justin was all about adding a special touch to each egg! He even got creative and made multi-color eggs dipped in two different colors.

Our Beautiful Eggs!

Makenna was fascinated with the eggs!

March 6, 2010

Fire Station 4 ....

My sister Sheri and I took the kids to see the new Fire Station 4 today. After being located in a converted neighborhood house for years they built a HUGE new Fire Station about a mile from our house. It’s fun to watch the station “go up”. Today they had an open house celebration … with the opportunity to tour the entire station!

We started off with a personal tour of a Fire Engine and all the compartments, equipment, controls and even the inside… great fun for the kids and extremely educational. Justin and Makenna were fasinated!!

Just upon completing the Engine tour the alarm sounded and off went the truck and 3 Fireman on a call. We watched as the Fireman jumped into the Engine and raced off on a call. It was pretty exciting to see them in action.

While the Engine was gone we continued the tour of their living quarters … they live very basic Justin was quick to ask “why their TV was so small” … they have a sweet exercise room and fabulous porch/outside patio area! I guess that makes up for the small TV and Twin Beds :)

~ Ah Yes ... Elmo had to come with us ~

What a fun way to start our Saturday!!

March 4, 2010

Stressed Out ...

Oh I truly hate this time of the year. TAX TIME!! UGHHHH … Honestly I have no one to blame but myself. I do this every year. Sadly I really thought I was a lot more organized then I was. My blog is so behind … my house needs cleaned … I’ve had no time to exercise … needless to say I’m STRESSED OUT!!

I’ve been buried in papers for days. Receipts, files and spreadsheets are taking over our house! The good news is once this is done I don’t have to think or worry about this again for another 12 months. Unless I try to really impress our accountant and be super organized for next year. Thought or challenge … ???? … we’ll have to wait and see. For now it’s back to focusing on this paper mess that I so badly want to ignore. UGH … :)