July 12, 2010

Fireworks Take2 ...

Between the rain and our own bag of Fireworks the kids didn’t really pay much attention to the “Big City Park Fireworks” in the sky on the 4th of July. Lucky for them … this year we got a bonus round of Fireworks. Due to the rain Loveland postponed their Fireworks Show until the 5th of July.

What better reason to take the convertible out for an evening cruise! Dwight and I took Taylor, Brandon, Justin and Makenna to Loveland to watch the Fireworks. We parked on a road near the edge of town and watched from the car.

~ Taylor, Makenna, Justin and Brandson ... Ready for a cruise ~

~ Watching the Fireworks ~

It turned out to be a fun evening for the kids.
Convertible Ride … Fireworks Show … Sleepover with their Cousins!!

July 8, 2010

4th of July BLAST ...

This year we had an extra special 4th of July. We were blessed to spend the day with my sister Lori and her family!! We started the day with our annual trip to Wellington to watch the “redneck parade”. It is the push, pull, or drive anything while throwing candy parade that has become an annual tradition for us. It’s a blast for the kids. This year the weather was PERFECT. Not cold and NOT scorching hot like the years in the past.

… my dad, Lori, Charlie + their 4 kids (Taylor, Brandon, Caleb, Emily), Dwight’s parents, Nadene, Bill, Amanda + her kids and our great niece and nephew (Madalee and Memphis) all joined in for a great morning of FUN!!

After the parade the storm clouds rolled in and rained all the way up until fireworks time!! We weren’t sure if the City Park fireworks would happen but honestly the kids didn’t even mind … Uncle Charlie and Daddy had a big surprise for them. A bag full of fireworks for our very own backyard Fireworks Show!!

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July 6, 2010

Greeley Stampede ...

Last Thursday July 1st we took the kids to another rodeo. This time it was at the Greeley Stampede. Bigger Arena … Bigger Show … Bigger Cowboys … yet we all agreed … the Grover Rodeo was a lot more fun to watch. We sat high up in the stands. We had a great view just not the down home cowboy dirt in your teeth feel we got from the Grover Rodeo. None the less we still had a great evening with Bruce and Sharon (Dwight’s Parents) and Bill and Nadene (Dwight’s sister and brother-n-law). We watched the rodeo and topped of the night with some “carnie junk food”.

~ Bill and Nadene ... Bruce and Sharon ~