October 31, 2011

Trickin' and Treatin' ...

Halloween activities this year were rather uneventful for us.  Instead of a month full of fall/Halloween/party events we normally attend this year our festivities were limited to only 2 events.  Justin’s school party (I volunteered to help out) and Trick or Treating Halloween Night. 

~ Justin the WereWolf ~

~ Costume Parade at School ~

Justin was a werewolf for his school party but after having such a hard time seeing out of a mask during the costume parade he quickly decided to be a football player on Halloween Night.  Makenna dressed as Cat in the Hat.  We joined my sister Lori and her kids for Trick or Treating in Windsor. 

Caleb (White Fuzzy Dog), Taylor's Friends Chloe and Tessa, Taylor (Pink Lady), Makenna (Cat in the Hat), Justin (Football Player), Brandon (Hockey Player), Emily (Princess)

~ Our Favorite Carved Pumpkins ~

The weather, the company and the kids’ excitement made for a perfect Halloween!

October 30, 2011

Trimming Trees ...

Last week we got our 1st snow storm of the season and it was anything but pretty this year.  With over 9.5 inches of heavy wet snow in less than 24 hours it created a mess. 

The snow started around 7:00 pm and by 9:30 pm we heard the 1st BANG … it was a LONG night with tree branch after tree branch breaking from our big Cottonwood and Elm trees, several of them hitting the house.  By the morning our yard was covered with snow and branches.  Mother Nature trimmed our trees!! 

Lucky we didn’t have any major damage from the branches hitting the house only fence damage along the west side of our property.  The snow storm created such a mess that the City of Fort Collins will be using emergency funds to clear all the broken branches from properties within the city limits.

The only good thing that came out of the storm is weeks and weeks of winter hauling.  Since Dwight’s business is contracted with the City of Fort Collins his dump trucks will be hauling branches for weeks to come.  Winter is generally Dwight’s down season so financially the storm is a very nice unexpected winter bonus.  It makes cleaning up the mess a lot easier when you’re getting paid by the City to haul your own branches off. 

October 17, 2011

Miss Soccer ...

Finally after years of cheering on big brother Justin at all his sporting activities Makenna has found her own sport … SOCCER.

She has been talking about playing soccer for months now.  Unfortunately, because of Justin’s intense Football schedule and Dwight’s coaching commitment we didn’t sign Makenna up for Fall Soccer.  Instead we signed her up for a Friday morning Soccer Clinic at the indoor Sports Center.  3 words … SHE LOVES IT!!

I’m not sure it is soccer she loves or the fact that SHE is the one on the field playing instead of sitting on the sidelines.