January 31, 2012

Nothing fancy just NINE ...

Justin’s 9th birthday went by with a flash this year.  I feel horrible as this was the first time since he was born that I have not planned a big celebration and special party for him.  We simply were too dang busy.  Between sports, work and school schedules nothing fell into place.   I did promise him we would make it up to him.  Now I just need to figure out when and how.   We did spoil him with a few presents and celebrated the night of his birthday with an apple pie. 

~ Justin with his present from Makenna ~

January 3, 2012

Party for SIX ...

We celebrated New Years Eve at Darren and Audrey’s house this year.  It was just a small group of us … 6 adults and 7 kids but OH what a night!   Dinner, board games, dance party and poker!
~ Playing Battleship girls vs. boys ... the ships weren't the only think sinking  ... notice Darren's glasses ~  

~ Dwight, Justin and Makenna trying to hang with Audrey the Dance Party Queen ~
~ Our family Celebrating the start of 2012 ~
 ~ Grayson and Makenna ~
 ~ One of my dearest friends ... Audrey and I ~
~ Justin making some NOISE ~
 ~ Tonya and Jack ~
~ Oh NO ... Darren breaking out his Christmas gift ... played poker until 3am ... we all had our glasses looking like Darren's ~